Buying or Selling a Home Doesn’t Really Have To Scary At All… If You Have The Facts

Ocoee and Orlando Realtor

I realize that not knowing the actual facts about selling or buying a home these days can bring on a healthy dose of fear. I realize that, so I go out of my way to “super” inform my clients. It matters to me that my clients understand the process. I believe that’s the best way for the experience to be a positive one from start to completion. Here are some basic real estate facts of today:

36% of Americans believe they need at least a 20% down payment to purchase a home.

44% of Millennials who did purchase a home this year have put actually placed less than 10% down.

Of all the loans that were applied for last month, over 70% of them were approved.

September’s average credit score that was needed for a loan approval was 723. That’s the lowest in years.

So, as you can see… this is a great time to be a home buyer or a home seller in Central Florida. You can also see clearly that when you have the facts, you can enter into a real estate transaction without fear or worry.

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