Central Florida First Time Buyers… It’s All About You!

Orlando first time home buyers

Buying a Central Florida home is so much more than finding the your dream home, then applying for a mortgage, then making the monthly payment… it’s  typically thousands of dollars more than most homeowners expect. Central Florida homeowners pay almost $10,000 annually in home expenses they didn’t plan for.

Property taxes and insurance are a given that are part of the homeowner experience obviously, but many consumers find themselves unprepared for the cost of typical home maintenance, specifically if the home is much different from where they’ve previously lived, or if the new home is very different in type and size. A simple example would be relocating to a warm climate like the Orlando area versus an Ohio location. The climate difference is obvious, and the seasonal heating and cooling expenses are going to be different.

Homebuyers most often concentrate  on the price of the home, or the monthly mortgage payment, and overlook the monthly costs associated with home ownership.

I spend a lot of time educating Central Florida first time home buyers in this area, and they always really appreciate it. You can see they do by look at what kind of testimonials they leave me after they’ve closed on the home. I absolutely love seeing that… not just from my Orlando area realtor perspective, but because I really love helping people in their Central Florida home buying experience!

If you’re a first time home buyer, you need to find a Orlando area realtor that loves helping you through the process. I hope you ‘ll give me a call or enter your information below. It only tale a few seconds and I’ll give you a call so we can talk. I’d love to help… and I promise to make  your home buying experience all about you!

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