Consistently Selling Homes In Central Florida

Selling a Home In Central Florida

I speak to an immense amount of people every week about real estate in Central Florida, so whether you are considering selling your home in the Central Florida community or buying a home somewhere in the Greater Orlando area there is always great contemplation that must take place. Once you’ve sufficiently processed, it’s time to prepare yourself for the potential obstacles that could lie ahead for you.

Be Sure To Price Your Home Correctly To Sell In Central Florida

If you’re selling in Central Florida, changes in the real estate market can make it challenging to price correctly. Consulting and then hiring the best Orlando area real estate agent will help you to set a fair market price based on the market history and similar properties for sale in the area. Obviously pricing too high can scare off potential buyers, and pricing too low is something no seller wants to end up doing. I can help. I am one of the highest performing Century 21 Real Estate brokers in Central Florida, so I am well aware of the pricing in the area. It’s what I do every day… and I do it for you.

Making Home Repairs Before You Sell Is Important

Your buyers would like a home that’s in good condition with it being obvious that it has been taken care of. I stress this to all my sellers. A home in great condition that has been cared for really helps how long it remains on the market. Wisely investing some money and some time into a home you are readying for sale will pay off with how rapidly it sells!

Buyers want to know that they can move right into your home without any hassle or repair surprises. I watch buyers when they approve of the condition of a house, and when they have concerns. I can see it in their facial expressions, so please take this seriously.

All Central Florida Real Estate Agents Are Not The Same

You want to make sure that you choose a real estate agent that has an extensive and proven marketing strategy to get your property sold within a reasonable amount of time. I work hard to make sure your property is effectively and efficiently market. I look at all the opportunities that exist for your home to be sold at the highest possible price and I move to those opportunities as if it was my property. Listing with me, means you’ll have an aggressive, up to date and effective marketing plan in place for your property to be sold.

Living in a Busy Real Estate Market

Central Florida is a strong real estate market and sometimes means buyers will be more willing to pay a higher price in fear of someone else purchasing a property that they like. It’s important that I help sellers provide reasons why a buyer should decide on their home other than some other home. It’s part of what I do, and sometimes by creating a small unique difference in your home is all I need to close on the sale. I absolutely love working with sellers in this area, and I can tell they do by the amount of testimonies I receive!

Closing The Real Estate Deal In Greater Orlando

If you’ve lived in your home for a long time it’s likely you’ve built a strong emotional attachment to it. It can be challenging to say goodbye to the place where you’ve grown and often times, your children have been raised.

You need to remember this is about your future, and it’s crucial that you leave your emotions behind and focus solely on selling the home at a price that’s reasonable for both you and the buyer. It’s business, and I will guide you through this. I do understand the emotional side however. I’ve been there personally!

Selling a home can seem so challenging… but when you hire the right realtor – it can be simpler than it looks, and all of your efforts will be well worth it. The reality I share with my sellers is once you place your home on the market, it’s really no longer your home. It becomes time to part ways with the property you’ve grown to love and for it to become a part of someone else’s life. You can count on me to be there you from the start to the finish!

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