Does Image Matter?

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How do you make decisions when it comes to buying things? How do you choose which company you decide to give your business to? What do you base your decisions on? Many times, we as consumers and the like, make our decisions based on image. We are bombarded daily with marketing to try and grab our attention and steer us in the direction of the advertisers choosing. So when I ask you, “does image matter?”, yes it does!

In my business, it matters a lot on many levels. It’s not accidental and it’s not cheap to present your business in a positive way that makes consumers  want to work with you. Take this blog post and our website for example. How do they look to you? This is an article I shared in a past newsletter. I could have published that newsletter on copy paper and stapled the sheets together. But, would it convey the message in an excellent fashion? This idea also translates to the day to day business of central florida real estate agents. What image are they sending out to potential buyers when promoting homes? Does having the right image set a level of expectation that helps home sellers? You bet it does!

This attention to detail is what makes some homes sell better than others. Take for example a neighborhood where there are identical homes. You can have the same model house listed by two different agents and have them look totally different. They could be right  next to each other, but one will get more attention than the other if presented properly. The details of the home are critical and when  you have an agent that does not care about image and similar, you will find that they leave out the details that  buyers are seeking. I always use this example when talking to home sellers about listing their home. In a single story home, is the Master bedroom downstairs? Of course it is. That being said, it’s an optional field in the MLS input and therefore many agents will leave it off! Think of the same scenario when you are asked to fill out a form online. Do you fill it out completely, or only where the asterisks are? What they fail to realize is that consumers search for this option and others and if it’s not checked off, the listing fails to show in a buyers search online.

Image has a role in who buyers will choose to represent them in a purchase. When you bought your last car did  you buy it from the dealer or a “buy here, pay here?” You likely chose the brand with the professional image and stronger marketing.

Marketing is expensive and when you don’t have a major brand helping offset your costs, it’s not likely going to happen. Image is also in how your agent responds to calls and inquiries. Do they call back promptly and do they have a professional image when writing contracts and dealing with negotiations? What it all boils down to is that brand recognition matters, but it’s also important that your agent cares about image and putting things out to the market in a positive and professional way. You’ve noticed in your purchase. Don’t you think the people looking to buy a home do the same?

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