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Selling Orlando Homes

When selling a home, choosing a the correct Realtor is extremely important.  Choosing an experienced or mediocre Realtor is typically one of the primary reasons a home doesn’t sell, or sells frustratingly slow. There is no shortage of options when it comes to Central Florida real estate agents, so I have tips for you that should help when you’re looking for a realtor.

Choosing Friends Or Family

A real estate transaction is business transaction and therefore mixing friends or family into this transaction can often add challenges and barriers. You ‘re trying to sell a property for as much as you can in as short a time as you can, and this will require knowledge and experience – things your friend or family member may or may not have in place.

Simply saying friends or family don’t mix in a business transaction doesn’t absolutely mean it’s always a bad path to follow, but it can mean you won’t interview that friend or family member in the same manner you would with a typical Realtor. Make certain that whoever  you hire has the qualifications it takes to sell your property, and sell it near to the price its listed at.

Don’t Hire A Realtor Who Isn’t Up Front About Pricing

Pricing a home correctly is one of the most important elements of making a good sale. However, it can be challenging to look objectively at what your home will actually sell for. If you price your Central Florida home or property too high, you may attract a certain type of Realtors, those who will agree to an unrealistic price simply to land your listing.

Once your home or property sits unsold for months, the Realtor will then recommend you lower the price so your property will receive more activity. This usually means you will receive less than you could have if the pricing was correct from the start.

In some cases the Realtor doesn’t care if your home sells because they will using it to get buyer calls for other properties. Your property is used to attract leads. This is called bait and switch and it is a common practice with unethical agents.

Choosing a Realtor With The Lowest Commission

Paying the price for a good agent is an investment in the sale of your home and worth every penny.

We all know you usually you get what you pay for. A well-paid agent will be focused on moving your home, while a low-paid one will probably do little more than placing your home online and put a sign up in your yard. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that by getting an agent to agree to a 1/2 percent lower commission you are actually being a good steward over your finances. It can actually cost you money in the end.

Real Estate agents will often go to great lengths to convince a buyer client to purchase a home elsewhere. They won’t mention to their clients that it has to do with the commission rate at all. They will point out every negative in your home to the buyer in order to convince them there are better properties out there… properties where they will actually make more profit.

Quality agents only concern should be the client’s best interest. So, how do you know when you’re dealing with a Realtor who sincerely has your best interest at heart? It can be difficult. Look for a Realtor with great and numerous reviews. This can be a great barometer on how much you can trust what’s being said to  you by the agent.

The right Real Estate agent who knows how to market your property is worth what you are paying. Being penny wise and dollar – well you know, is not wise.. An agent who markets well can easily make  up the difference in any commission savings you may be tempted to pursue.

They Live in The Neighborhood

Another frequently made mistake when choosing a Realtor is choosing them because they live in your neighborhood or close to your neighborhood. I’m not saying that it’s impossible that your best choice for a realtor is in your neighborhood, but I’m saying that it shouldn’t be the only factor you consider. While the Realtor who lives in your neighborhood should be very familiar with it that doesn’t necessarily mean other agents can equally versed with the neighborhood. I have helped many of my neighbors sell their homes, but I encouraged those sellers to do their homework when selecting their Realtor.

Remember excellent Realtors have knowledge and experience, and although a Realtor living in your neighborhood can be a plus, it does not mean it’s a given to hiring them.

Select A Realtor Who Is Selling Homes

You definitely want an agent that is selling homes frequently. However, it’s a bigger deal that the agent sells a high percentage of the listings than the overall number of property sales. For example, an agent that sells 10 out of 12 listings is more effective than an agent who sells 10 out of 20.

Hiring a Realtor focused just as much on the quality of their work as the quantity of their work is a good idea. It’s always good to see an agent who sells most of the homes they list, especially if the listing price is achieved, or nearly achieved. This is known as the list price to sale price ratio and should be an important consideration when you’re hiring a Realtor.

Selecting the best Central Florida Realtor can seem like a daunting task, but if you take what I have shared in this post seriously you should be successful in your quest.

I love when potential clients who are looking for the best realtor ask me questions. I am experienced and am steeped in knowledge of the Central Florida real estate market. I work diligently for my sellers and I am top of how to market in real estate. Call me at 321.293.2240 or just quickly enter in your contact info below. I’ll get back to as soon as possible so you can explore whether I’m the best Realtor for you. I believe you’ll find that I am, because I’ll make it all about you!

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