June Was a Great Month in the Orlando Real Estate Market! Like I Thought It Would Be!

Orlando Luxury Homes Realtor

I like to take a look back and see what I predicted for the upcoming month to see if I was close to the pin… was I ever!  June was AMAZING!  It was more than I had hoped for and proved once again that Orlando’s market it still a force to be reckoned with.  Sales in our area were tremendous. Personally, I’d have to say it was one of the best months I have had ever as far as units go. We also had numerous inquiries for this month so July looks promising as well.

For home sellers, many saw multiple offer situations and they were able to get their price, while buyers quickly started to notice that they were being outbid or waiting too long to decide on their purchase.  It really is true “you snooze, you lose”!   Overall, appraisals were not a huge deal but we did hit a couple snags will value.  Contrary to popular belief, an appraisal is NOT a scientific fact and appraisals at the end of the day are an opinion based off of stats but being realistic, I could send three appraisers to the same house and all three would come up with different values.  Translation, just because a property appraises low, doesn’t mean that is the true value of a home, especially when the home had multiple offers above the asking price!  Sadly, this is in part due to some new regulations that have been set in place.

So what does July in Central Florida look like?  Being the optimist and also have the knowledge of years past, if things continue the trend from last year, July will be the busiest month of this year.  We have already seen a huge influx of new listings in June and that should continue for this month as well.  I have been telling sellers not to wait too long as I know from the past that once August hits, things definitely slow down, especially for larger homes for bigger families.  The school year pretty much dictates the season.  If you are on the fence as to whether or not it’s a good time to sell, let me give you a push in the right direction and give you a big ol’ YES!  Call me today if you would like a free evaluation of your current situation.  Even if you are not planning a move for a while, it never hurts to se where you are, and I am happy to help.  As always, you can email me at David@DavidDorman.com or call 321-293-2240.  Enjoy the rest of your Summer!

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