Lake Nona

Lake Nona FloridaThere isn’t another Central Florida community that is garnering more excitement than the Lake Nona, Medical City area. With medical facilities such as Nemours, and the Veterans Hospital continuing to open, the the community will continue to be where an amazing amount of growth takes place over the next several years.  It is predicted that the population of Lake Nona is expected to triple over the next ten years which is why we are seeing such growth in education in the area as well. Both Valencia Community College and UCF are already active in Lake Nona and are continuing to place more and more emphasis there.

It’s close proximity to major interstate highways makes it possible for efficient business travel as well as making travel to any one of the Central Florida theme parks a quick drive by car. The Orlando International Airport is only a 20 minute drive making Lake Nona a Central Florida community sure to be surging with quality growth for years to come. Of course, it would be hard to mention Lake Nona without at least mentioning the Professional level golf courses. Lake Nona is know for having numerous PGA golfers as residents. Take that as a vote of confidence for those who love the sport!