Lease To Own Program

Lease to own homes in orlando FloridaHave you ever wondered about leasing to own?

Have past or late payments, credit issues or a recent short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy kept you from buying a new home? It’s time to change that!

It’s OK!

Many good people got caught up in the housing bubble and were forced to short sale their homes or even had the bank take their home back. The sad thing is that many of these folks can afford a home and would like to buy, but the powers that be will not give them a loan for many years. It’s a shame, but it’s not the end of the world! Our program allows the person renting to pick out the home of their choice right out of the MLS! The investor buys it and leases it to the potential buyer. All rents and purchase prices are discussed up front. It’s unique and a great way to get out of a bad situation.

Money in hands

Who is going to lend me money right now?

Probably no one today, but that doesn’t mean you won’t qualify in a few years. The problem is, you need a home now and want to take advantage of todays prices. That is the best part, REALTOR David Dorman has partnered with an investment group to offer those who may have damaged credit but have a steady income and the ability to make a loan payment a chance to own a piece of the American dream.

How does this program work?

OurAmerican investment group provides responsible households who cannot obtain a mortgage a transparent path to home ownership through its Lease with a Right to Purchase Program. The program provides up to five years of rent certainty for a one year financial commitment

Lease to Own Homes in OcoeeHow do I get started?

The first step in getting more information from Broker/Owner David Dorman with CENTURY 21 Professional Group. He will answer your questions and guide you to the easy to use on-line pre-qualification application. It requires you to answer additional questions such as residential history, employment history and provide certain other information including a full credit and background check. There is a $75 application fee per household (IE, if there is more than one applicant per household, the total application fee is still $75.


  1. Household income of at LEAST 50K
  2. Credit of at least 550
  3. No Evictions
  4. Cannot be currently in Bankruptcy, but have been through it
  5. No convictions
  6. What is the next step?

It is rather easy. Working with our group and REALTOR David Dorman, you will be able to select a home in an approved community, which is based on certain investment criteria. It is primarily focused on high school rankings which tend to be a major factor in a communities stability and success. After that, the company will attempt to purchase the home you choose. There are a few guidelines which must be followed and that is where David Dorman will use his 15 years over experience along with the global backing of CENTURY 21 to assist you.

What does “Right to Purchase” mean?

Basically each year, the Purchase Right Price increases by 5% (IE, Prior Year Purchase Right Price x 1.05).
In the example, if the Total Cost Basis of the home is $200,000, then the Purchase Right Price for Years 1-5 is as follows:

Year 1 ………………………………. $210,000
Year 2 ………………………………. $220,500
Year 3 ………………………………. $231,525
Year 4 ………………………………. $243,100
Year 5 ………………………………. $255,255

There are additional costs that the resident will incur if they exercise the Purchase Right such as closing costs to purchase the home, including transfer taxes, attorneys’ fees, title insurance, etc. therefore, actual total costs to exercise the Purchase Right will vary.

Have more Questions?

Give David Dorman a call, he would be happy to speak with you. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call 321-293-2240.