Partnering With Home Sellers For Success!

Ocoee Home Selling

1) Incorrect Home Pricing in Central Florida

Bad decisions in pricing often are the cause of a home not selling quickly. That goes for pricing a home too high and pricing a home too low. Real Estate pricing trends in the Orlando area can often fluctuate like the tide,  so it’s very important that pricing a home is done with great research and consideration when deciding the price of a home. If you price a central florida home too high, it will ward off clients. If you choose to price a home too low in the Central Florida market you’ll be robbing the potential profits in the home.

2) Marketing Strategies That Work!

Effective, strategic marketing is essential for selling a house in 2016. My experience in the Central Florida real estate market, specifically in Ocoee and the Greater Orlando area, has allowed me to see that all too often realtors and real estate brokers don’t understand how to leverage technology in their marketing. To me it’s simple, we establish a marketing plan for  your home that includes the use of all available marketing technologies. I invest in technology in my marketing because it allows me to make your home visible to a huge market of motivated buyers. We track, measure and manage all of our marketing efforts in selling your home so we can do so in a timely fashion at the highest price available.

Technology is another tool we use everyday to speak to potential home buyers. Whether those prospects are local buyers or someone looking to relocate in Central Florida, it’s my job to make sure I connect your home or property with as many prospects as possible, and we do so everyday with all the technological advances available.

3) Staging Your Property

If you’re currently selling your home or have begun considering to sell you home there is little doubt that you have heard the term, “staging.” I’ll keep it simple, I want you to be a part of the selling process by making sure your home looks its best! We’ll sit down and discuss how you can be a part of “impressing” the home buyers by getting your home in tip top shape to sell. I want to make sure you get the highest price possible for you home when it sells, and I’m sure you do as well.

Home selling is serious business so deciding which real estate agent you’ll partner with is imperative to a successful experience. Yes, I used the term partner. That’s how I envision the relationship I have with my home sellers. Selling a home for someone is a huge responsibility, and one that I have taken on for years in Central Florida. When  I agree to sell someone’s home I am making a promise to do my best best for them, and that’s something I don’t take on lightly. I look at it as if I was selling my home. It’s personal to me, and I hope you’ll look to me for guidance, direction and solutions if you are looking to sell your home or property in Central Florida. I would be honored to partner with you. Call me at 321.293.2240 or contact me here now!


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