Real Estate Is Not Sold By Gimmicks…

Selling My Orlando Florida Home

I love to sell homes, I really do. A majority of the time, things go pretty smooth, but sometimes there are homes that just don’t sell for some reason. It’s those times when we have to take a step back and search for other options or “think out of the box “as they say. Some sellers like to think there is some magic pill or similar that sells homes. Some agents think that gimmicks sell homes. The reality is quite different. I like to think that after 15 years, I have tried just about every marketing technique to sell homes. I have spent a lot of marketing money on things that work and I’ve also wasted a lot of time and effort on things that don’t. While I too would like to think that there is something out there I just haven’t stumbled across, I am pretty sure that I am doing what actually works.

Real estate is NOT sold by gimmicks. When marketing a home, my goal is simple. I always think as a consumer “What’s in it for me?” meaning as a consumer, how does this benefit me or work in my favor. A lot of marketing you see is guided towards the agent which is great for that agent, but not for you, the one selling your home. My goal is to get inside a buyers point of view and deliver a great message to them where they can easily find it. Contrary to old school beliefs that many agents still cling onto, marketing to consumers is very different than it used to be. Many agents fail to properly utilize the internet to expand their exposure. Instead they rely on print materials that are in magazines that no one ever sees or become expired before they even hit the shelves. They try marketing one way for 1 month and then give up, when in reality, you have to do something for at least 6 months to truly see results. Unfortunately, many agents don’t have the stomach for such a commitment. Marketing reals estate takes time, funds and a plan. Every year, we evaluate our efforts and adjust. Change isn’t always easy, but it’s necessary if you want to make an impact. So when choosing your agent, make sure you check out what they are doing and make sure they have it all covered.

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