Remember When We Were Kids And It Was Summer Vacation?

Orlando Real Estate

Remember when we were kids and it was summer vacation? All was great in July, but that first day of August, you knew in the back of your mind that the vacation was coming to an end, and you wondered…what in the world happened to July??? That’s kind of how I feel as I write the August newsletter. July has gone by so fast! I’m not really complaining, because unlike a child, I don’t have to go back to school in a few weeks, in fact I finally get to take MY vacation! So how did we do in July? It was certainly not the norm. Last year the month was crazy between buyers and sellers. I keep track of trends and years past, so I was expecting the same when talking to sellers about their homes. I told them that they would likely get a ton of traffic and not be on market very long. Then something new happened. I have still not been able to determine the exact cause, but buyer traffic slowed dramatically in the 300-500 price range. It was bizarre to say the least and luckily it only lasted a few weeks! Listings that I thought for sure would be very popular, had nothing going on. I checked with my fellow agents in the area and they experienced the same thing. So, we made some tweaks here and there and got things back on track.

The month ended up overall, being yet another great month for real estate. We listed multiple new homes and again, some went within days. We also noticed that we were getting more buyer requests. The best part for my office personally, was that our new marketing efforts have really taken root and given us even better exposure. We are breaking into new markets and reaching more people than ever. New construction still has its place in the sales world and buyers continue to flock to them, but there are still a lot of folks looking for established, mature neighborhoods. I expect a bit of a slow down towards the middle of the month as kids head back to school, but lucky for us, we get a ton of folks moving here to retire or start new jobs.

Translation: It’s always a good time to buy or sell in Orlando! Have a great month and thanks for checking out my Central Florida Real Estate blog!

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