Staging Before The Sale… What’s Actually True?

In Central Florida whether you are buying a home or selling a home the word “staging”  has most likely been a  part of your conversations. You hear it everywhere in the realty business these days. There are even people in the Orlando area who have made staging their career. Unfortunately, sometimes there are things being shared about staging that simply aren’t accurate.

Falsehood Number One: Staging A Home Is Only If It Is Vacant

This is where most sellers tend to get a bit anxious. If you vacate their home before it actually sells, then you will most likely feel motivated to spend your money staging your home to help the process move along. You need to really process this fact…  staging isn’t ONLY for vacant homes. If you are currently living in your home, staging is still very important. You need to present a neutral image of your home and demonstrate the many possibilities future owners have available to them.

Myth 2: Staging is Predominantly About “Uncluttering”  the house!

Sttaging isn’t about de-cluttering, or uncluttering. Most real estate agents would tell you that the average central home buyer has a very difficult time looking all the typical clutter of a home.  Staging is something else you can do in addition to cleaning up your home. Staging gives your home a fresh and updated look, with neutral features designed to appeal to buyers.

Myth 3: Staging is Glorified Decorating

This is a common error when staging a home before it goes on the market in Central Florida, especially if sellers try to stage their home by themselves. Staging is NOT decorating. Why? Decorating typically involves a person tailoring their home to their particular style and preference. Staging is about creating a welcoming environment for diverse populations and demographics, giving the air of a ‘blank slate’ that buyers can use to envision themselves in the home.

If you are interested in help before you place your home on the market please call us at 321.293.2240. It make all the difference in the selling price of your Central Florida home!


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