What makes me tick?

Let's be honest here. You can't throw a stick in my town without hitting a real estate agent. Used to be that agents were the only people with access to the MLS and listing information, but now with the advances in real estate websites, the role of the REALTOR has drastically changed. Some folks have rolled with the changes and others have not. What I have come to realize is that my role has become more of guidance than just the keeper of the keys. This new website is more about giving potential clients an insight as to what makes me tick and hopefully a reason why they should choose me over my competition. In order to do that, you might find it helpful to know my past history. I moved

Investing In Real Estate… What You Should Know To Succeed

Write Down Your Real Estate Investment Goals Before you start investing in real estate, you should always write down your goals. When you have your goals in a written form, it will be easier to work towards, and accomplish them. You will be able to chart a roadmap to help you reach your objectives. Things like how many properties you want to buy; type of properties; and how much money you want to make from your investment each month will help you clear the cobwebs and pursue your dream of becoming a successful real estate investor. Try and be as specific as possible, so that there is no room for doubts later on. Keep checking this list and updating it as you progress. Research and Learn the

Before you renovate your home...

Home renovation television shows like the Property Brothers, Flip or Flop and List It or Love It, give homeowners big ideas about how they can spruce up their property to increase the value when they sell. However, some of these projects can sometimes open up big problems for owners whose big remodeling dreams may not have been thought out thoroughly. Here are a few renovation ideas that perhaps need a little more thinking prior to start. Tearing down, or greatly reducing walls: Walls can quite often look like they’ll be no big deal to tear down, but quite oftne they can be weight bearing walls that provide more support to a home than homeowners may realize. The walls may be holding up ceil

Clean and Clutter 2 things that matter much!

The power of a good cleaning job, inside and out, can’t be over stressed when looking to increase the value of a home when selling. First, start on the outside of the house after thoroughly staging the yard. Pressure washing the walls and cleaning the windows on the exterior of the house is a good start and simple enough with a bit of time investment. When looking to really increase a home’s selling price it makes sense to consider repainting, but it’s actually worth trying to clean the house first. Often just removing dirt is enough to brighten the home’s look and will free up time that can be allocated to other areas of the home prior to listing. Inside the home, it’s wise to get into ever

Buying a short sale

For many buyers, the idea of a short sale implies a great deal. It can be, but you need to know what goes along with the great deal. First, let’s define what a short sale is. A short sale is when a property owner needs to sell their property but they owe more than the property is worth. they must petition the bank to allow the deficiency and the sale of the home for the reduced amount. This process is far from “short” in fact, it can take a very long time to complete. As a buyer, you must be committed for the long haul and ready for a barrage of delays and mis-information. If you go into the short sale knowing what to expect you CAN get a great deal. I have mixed emotions about short

Random Thoughts...

I usually try to keep a consistent thought to this blog, but I don't have one particular topic this time to fill the space so this month I will share some random thoughts in my head that I have had running around my mind for a while. Hang on for the ride of randomness! There are times I wish I was on a reality show. The theme would be things that make me crazy or show the lack of care in the real estate world. You would not believe some of the things we see when searching homes for buyers online. Probably the biggest are photos. I was searching a few days ago and ran across a home for 900K with 7 phots instead of the 25 allowed and all of them were taken with a cell phone and the flash.

What to do when getting ready to sell...

What should I do when I am getting ready to sell? I look at a lot of houses. It comes with the territory. Many time I see homes that I feel would sell much better with just a few tweaks and others need an “extreme makeover”. This month I wanted to go over a few things that I have discussed on the past with clients regarding home improvement prior to listing. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to spend a lot of money to make your home more attractive and sell faster. I tend to look at things differently with my sellers. Let’s be honest, no one wants to spend money to sell a house if they aren't going to see a benefit from it. I’ve heard agents say the most ridiculous things to s

What ever happened to Customer Service in Real Estate?

A lot has changed since I started my career in 1999. Back then, the only way for a consumer to learn about homes for sale was through an agent or a sign in the ground for the most part. Today, consumers are inundated with information. With just a few clicks they are swamped with information. Some is good and some is bad. Much of it is automated. I have a love hate relationship with the type of tech. I always want to make sure a client gets what they are searching for, but I dislike the lack of personal touch it has. Take this newsletter for example. When I meet folks to discuss listing their home, many sellers comment on how personal I tend to write and that it’s appreciated. That re

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