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And Just Like That…it’s June!

I’m not going to lie to you…I took last
month off from writing the newsletter. Not because I was feeling lazy or
didn’t have the time, but because it
was basically the same market and
same news as the last several
months and there are only so many
ways you can say the same thing!

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And Just Like That…it’s April!

No matter where I go, I am usually
asked, “How is the Market?” I usually

Truth be told if asked today I’d
probably say “Interesting”. Those
folks that have known me since I
started in 1999, know that I have
seen the ups and downs of real
estate and luckily adapted quickly.

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And Just Like That…it’s February!


Can you feel the winds of change? In real estate we tend to look for signs, signals etc. to notify us of change in the market. Sometimes it is limited inventory, others it’s too much. One of the biggest and most reliable indicators is a change in the financial future. You may hear about the recent change in rates as well as upcoming increases. This is normal and expected, but often times, the
reaction time for sellers is too late.

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