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July 2020

July has come and gone and now it’s time to wind down the Summer as we prepare to start up school again. How and where that happens is still up for debate. Regardless, this Summer and real estate sales have had their shares of ups and downs. Here are my personal observations. There are still plenty of first time buyers out there.

December Newsletter

We made it! 11 months of real estate and only one left in 2019! Now that the year is over, let’s take a look and see how we did. Looking at my personal sales data, I can see that overall, inventory was lower, but prices were higher.

June Newsletter Article

As we enter into month seven of 2019, I am very optimistic for the rest of the year. Sales, as expected, were great for June and are likely to continue into July and August. What I really liked about June was the number of new construction home orders we took.

April newsletter

Welcome to April! We survived the first calendar quarter! Looking back, it was a bit of a slow start, but it appears that is behind us and there is a definite uptick in activity!