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Since 1999, David Dorman, a licensed Orlando REALTOR, has been helping people like you relocate to the Orlando area and sellers move to their next destination. He has invested into his business to ensure that his clients have access to the latest marketing technology that reaches a global audience. Besides listing homes in the area, he also helps people from around the world find great homes. He is an active member in the community and truly cares about his clients needs. David’s success has caught the attention of numerous organizations. He has been named as one of the top 100 REALTORS in Orlando for the past 10 years, recognized in Orlando Magazine as one of Real Estates Hot 100. CENTURY 21 corporate has awarded him with consecutive top sales awards since 2003 and he was the first Central Florida CENTURY 21 agent to be inducted to the CENTURIAN Honor Society. This honor is given to an agent who has not only shown themselves to be a top producing agent, but more importantly has been reviewed by his clients and received the Quality Service award for at least 5 years in a row. It is the Quality Service award that means the most to David, since he knows that without a solid base of happy clients, his business would perish. He is also one of the few agents to have their background checked through a government level service to ensure you are dealing with a certified agent. In 2012, David became one of the owners of the office he currently works.

On a final note, we invite you to ponder this. A person can get their real estate license in about 45-60 days. Of those that get their license today, 93% of them will be out of the business in less than 2 years. So at any given time, a majority of REALTORS representing buyers and sellers are practicing real estate and barely making ends meet. Do you really want to take that risk with one of the biggest financial decisions most of us will ever make?

From the moment you first meet David, he makes an impact. Perhaps it’s his infectious smile and the way he offers a sincere ‘hello’ Or it could be the genuine interest David immediately takes in what you have to say. Or maybe it’s his uniquely upbeat personality and visible enthusiasm for life. The truth is, it’s the combination of all these that make an encounter with this leading businessman an absolute pleasure.

An Early Lesson

An even though David considers himself to be a natural people-person, he’s the first to admit that he’s had decades of practice making connections. David started in the service industry at the tender age of 16 and quickly discovered early on that when you working with people, it’s the little, personal touches that truly make the biggest difference.

Embracing the Challenge

It was this lesson that proved to be invaluable during David’s near decade in management at Walt Disney World. Whether he was overseeing his large staff of employees or working hard to ensure visitors from across the world were well taken care of, he embraced the challenges of the job and relished the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life.

Touching Lives

From his personal to his professional life, David finds few things more rewarding than touching people’s lives in a positive way. It’s clear when he’s preparing a gourmet meal and entertaining family and friends, meeting new people during his travels as well as in his generous commitment to numerous charity organizations. Perhaps nowhere is David making a more powerful impact than in his career. A renowned real estate professional in Central Florida, he is passionate about helping people in the community with what is likely to be the single most important investment of their lives, buying or selling a home. Indeed, when it comes to his clients’ real estate goals, David takes their success personally.

The Personal Touch

While David is thrilled with his success in this competitive industry, he’ll tell you that he hasn’t done anything extraordinary. He simply takes the time to focus on the small, personal touches. Whether he’s calling to update you on the latest details of your transaction, providing the name of a top-notch lender to simplify the process or sending a birthday card to brighten your day, David constantly shows how much he cares. The fact that many of his clients end up being close friends is a testament to the level of service he offers. When you add his problem solving skills, negotiating prowess and wealth of experience, it’s not surprising that buyers and sellers in Central Florida are looking to David to help them achieve their goals. If you’re in the market to make a move, he’s the obvious choice.

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